Peter Lohmann (AKA Pete the Truckie)

Truck driver Peter Lohmann clocks up over 2,500 kilometres a week transporting freight for Rapid Refrigerated Transport across rural South Australia. He delivers to country butchers, bakeries, hotels, and supermarkets. During some of his breaks, Pete loves to stop and read town history display signs and memories, as well as getting many photographs of local sights. Even with doing so many kilometres in the truck, Pete still likes to get out and about or away on weekends with his partner Dea. With this love of South Australia he started the Facebook page South Australia, Australia’s Best Kept Secret to share many of his photos.

South Australia's History Festival asked Pete the Truckie to check out this year's program and to share 5 top picks:
  1. The SA Police Historical Open Day, Thebarton Police Barracks - The Memorial Wall to Police Officers killed while on duty is a touching site. On a past visit I seen in their museum a 1964 hand signed thank you letter from the Beatles, old police transport & way more.
  2. Recipes for Change at the Brinkworth Historical Reserve Museum - It is a exhibition about changes to foods Australians have eating since 1788. While there At the back of the town museum is the living herbarium. run by dedicated volunteers. South Australian Federation Grant Funding was received in 2000 to establish the ‘Local Flora – Living Herbarium’ project to highlight and preserve the unique area of ‘senna shrubland’ vegetation in the historical reserve, the only remnant native vegetation in the town. Great signage detailing the names of vegetation helps you appreciate this area.
  3. Henry Hoke: The Unearthed Stories - Saturday 26th of May at the Terowie Institute. Don't go if you don't like a Good Laugh.
  4. The Roseworthy Agricultural Museum - The Grand Main Building at the Roseworthy Agricultural College is worth seeing alone.
  5. Take a walk in our shoes - Charles Street Plaza Adelaide. a 150 year history of Barlow's Shoes.
Well I could keep listing more but I was asked to only pick 5.Enjoy the History Festival FriendsBye for NowPete the Truckie aka Peter Lohmann