Magic, Mystery and Murals

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with a hot cuppa and read the 2018 History Festival program cover to cover while listening to the rain – true romance for a history geek like myself. After giving my highlighter and post-it notes a workout, I created a short list of events that I am beyond excited for.


Open Doors: Queen's Theatre

Over the years I have noticed the Queen's Theatre peeking through modern buildings and have always been curious. I can’t wait to visit mainland Australia’s oldest theatre during the Open Doors weekend.

Sunday 29th April


Magical History Tour

The best way to get me excited about anything? Tell me it’s mysterious, exclusive and that there will be amazing food. The Magical History Tour is so popular that you will need to enter a ballot before the 1st of May to win tickets.

Thursday 24th May


Forgotten Murals of the Adelaide Children’s Hospital

Dorrit Black is my favourite artist; her cubist renderings of South Australia are truly dramatic. I can’t wait to visit this exhibition at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital to learn about public murals painted by some of South Australia’s best visual artists in the 1940s.

All of May


West Terrace Cemetery by Night Tour

Commuting past the West Terrace Cemetery on a daily basis, I often imagine the lives of the many people buried within. This History Festival I am determined to finally set foot in the cemetery and learn their stories. Also, I just want to carry a lantern, in a cemetery, in the dark.

11th and 25th May


Falling Bombs and Floating Cards

I know what you’re thinking, aren’t magic shows more of an Adelaide Fringe event and what’s so historical about that? The Australian Society of Magicians is the oldest magic club in Australia. Also I just want to watch magic in an air raid shelter - it’s the simple things.

19th and 20th May


Queer Style(s): Then and Now: Hats, Gloves and Parasols

The entire Queer Style(s) program this year looks fantastic but I am most excited about seeing Dr Gertrude Glossip (Queen of the Walk, PhD in Formal Drapery) in the beautiful flesh.

Thursday 24th May


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