I am so excited for this year’s History Festival!

This year marks the largest number of events being run during the History Festival ever, and I. am. ready. I got my highlighters out a few days ago and started circling the program, hoping to narrow down my choices. That didn’t work- it ended up all rainbow.

There’s something for everyone this year, events for little kids and events for us slightly more grown up kids. If you like to knit, or want to learn- there’s something for you. If you’re a bit of a wine buff, or a complete novice, we’ve got you covered. If you love your sports, there are events covering golf, baseball and football. If you’re like me and you love a spooky story, there are so many ghost tours to choose from it will make you giddy. The music aficionados, the book lovers, the cycling fans, the foodies and the photographers – there is something here for everyone.

I’ve decided that none of my normal work is going to be happening in May- I’ve forewarned everyone, so I’m sure they understand. However there are plenty of events that aren’t happening during traditional work hours. The weekends are packed, and the evenings are full. There are no excuses to not go see at least 80 events (I’m not exaggerating- just watch me go).

Here’s a few of the events I’m looking forward to;

Art Conservation: An Artlab Journey – I’ve always been fascinated by how all the amazing historical artefacts, artworks and books are preserved and looked after

Captain Clancy and the Ghost Ship – I’m going with a friend and their niece to this (the niece is an excuse, I’m just really excited about a ghost ship with an evil ghoul as the captain)

Chicago – because musicals are the best, and this is based off a truly excellent play

Chocolate Coated History – “chocolate buffet” need I say more?

A (Personal) Pub Crawl Through Colonial Adelaide – This is combining two of my favourite things, beer and history!

Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour – I haven’t been through the Adelaide Gaol yet, so it makes sense my first experience should be at night, while listening to tales about paranormal activities. I’m definitely sure I won’t get scared. At all. Maybe…

I’ll be going to everything I have time to see though, so I’ll be reviewing away and keeping the blog updated with all the exciting events happening during the week, so keep an eye on this space!

Hope to see a bunch of you at the events!  

Marian :-) 

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