About Time,

Another blog post from Tahney today. This time she's exploring events around fashion and pastimes.

The ‘fun’ side of history is well represented in About Time this year. If you lived in another time, what would you have worn? What would you be rocking out to? How would you have been spending your weekends? Throughout May, delve into the fads of the past.

Adelaide Colonial Dancers invite you to relive the elegance of our pioneer ancestors. On Sunday 19 May, the Autumn Colonial Tea Dance is a free workshop that will allow you to learn some European folk dances, the social frenzy back in the 1800s. If you haven’t had enough after this afternoon of dancing, don’t fret- the Annual Grand Colonial Ball is just around the corner. You will have the opportunity to attend classes prior to teach you a selection of dances that will allow you to swirl with confidence and enthusiasm on the night of the ball, 1 June.

All around the state there will be showcases of the most exquisite or more humble vogues of history. Travel through the ages to see the developing fashions of men and women. Take a look at the clothing of the 1800s with Victor Harbor Branch, National Trust of South Australia’s Fashions of yesteryear and Hahndorf Academy’s Fashion and Textiles of the Early Nineteenth Century. Mitcham Heritage Research Centre, Violet Rowe present the 1960s in The Psychedelic Sixties. For a broader view of the mid twentieth century, attend Snappy Dressers: Fashion from the 1940s-1970s at the Unley Museum. If fashion is still your style as the month reaches a close, attend Berets to Blazers to Boots sometime between 25-28 May.

When the work was all done, how did our ancestors and their friends entertain themselves? Wine, Women and Song in Old Adelaide is a guided tour of our city’s streets, featuring Adelaide’s entertainment (and tomfooleries) of yesteryear. Bookings are required, but very worth the two and a half tour on Sunday 26 May. If you are further interested in the secrets of Adelaide’s social side, Falling bombs and floating cards is for you. The Australian Society of Magicians offers you full insight into the age old secrets of this unique style of performing arts through a performance, lecture and exhibition in their heritage listed underground clubrooms.

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