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Keith Ellison is the owner and manager of the Ellison “Pop-Up” Museum of Radio and Magnetic Recording

In 1996 my late father, Neville Ellison, opened a registered private museum of historical radio and magnetic recording equipment in the front room of the family home in Malvern. The bulk of the equipment on display was designed and built in Adelaide in the 1940s and 50s but includes equipment back to the 1920s and through to the compact cassette era of the 1970s and 80s.  Around 30 items in the collection are badged “Ferry” and were designed and manufactured by Jack Ferry of Ferry Sound Industries in a garage factory behind his house at 99 Springbank Road Clapham in the 1950s, where a staff of four (including Neville) manufactured around five tape machines per week with a total of around 1500 produced and sold throughout Australia.

As Neville was a member of the Historical Radio Society of Australia (HRSA) Adelaide Branch and regularly attended their monthly meetings, many members, friends and associates visited his museum through the following years until his passing in 2008, where he left the entire collection to me in his will.  As I’ve been employed full-time in the musical instrument and commercial audio visual industry for most of my career I have a keen interest in the historical collection, and have subsequently shown many local and interstate visitors through the collection, and in recent years have opened the museum to the public during the 2016 and 2017 South Australian History Festival with over 200 visitors viewing the collection. Unfortunately with my mother’s passing last year year the family home (where the collection is housed) was part of a deceased estate, resulting in the relocation of the collection.

Around 12 months ago I started preparing to convert some of the collection in to portable “pop-up” display cases, which has culminated in the recent completion of three, double-sided storage, transport and display cases housing most of the Ferry collection and a good selection of Kriesler, Astor and Philips/Mullard radios. Additional cases displaying Rola/Beyer, Pyrox/AWA, Bland, His Masters Voice (HMV), Radiola and other brand equipment have been produced for “pop-up” displays.

The Ellison "Pop-Up" Museums are on display during the 2018 History Festival around the State. See the links below for dates and locations!

Seeking Pop-up Display Opportunities!
If you are interested in hosting one of these displays, please contact Keith Ellison. Details are below:
Keith Ellison
Mobile: 0407304028
Email:'; // -->
Ellison Museum of Radio & Magnetic Recording
PO Box 215 Oaklands Park SA 5046

The collection is self-contained, requires no power or special facilities and can be “installed” relatively quickly.
Case dimensions (standing): 1500 (H) X 550 (W) X 675mm (D) including wheels
Loading: A flat load from dock/carpark to display area is preferred
Security: Perspex fronts can be fitted and CCTV of the display is preferred

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