Adelaide's Postwar Churches Bus Tour

St Saviour’s Anglican Church, Glen Osmond. Architects Cheesman, Doley, Brabham and Neighbour, 1965 (Photo by Ron Woolmore. Architecture Museum Cheesman Collection S200/12/29)

In the years after WWII, many religious groups in South Australia implemented substantial change or modernised to become more inclusive and relevant to their congregations. This changed the way they connected with their community, practiced their faith and created a sense of place. Fundamental to these modernisation aims was their expression in built form. Join Christine Garnaut and Chris Burns from the UniSA Architecture Museum, and Louise Bird from Heritage South Australia, on this bus tour and hear about the influences that led to the creation of some of the city's finest modern churches.

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Bus Tour

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Thu 9 May, 9am-1.15pm


Entrance, Dept. Environment & Water Bldg, 81-95 Waymouth St, Adelaide


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