Ellison's Gully Walk

Take a walk with Andrew Tilley, a fifth-generation resident of Brownhill Creek, alongside Ellison’s Creek which feeds into Brownhill Creek. In November 1879, a water reticulation system was opened to take water from Ellison’s Creek to a tank at the end of what is now Fullarton Road, thus ensuring adequate good-quality water for the Mitcham Village. Walkers will walk to the brick-lined water well and other structures that allowed the reticulation of creek water through cast iron pipes to supply Mitcham with water.

Bookings essential by phone/email.

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  • Bookings required

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Guided tour

Dates and times

Sun 5 & 19 May, 1.30-4pm


Manure Pits, Brownhill Creek Rd, Mitcham


By donation


Bookings essential by phone/email.


Dave Cosh
0417 867 277
dave.cosh [at] colindale.com.au

Accessibility information

Drive/walk/cycle up Brownhill Creek Road through the caravan park. The manure pits are on the left several 100 metres past the ford.